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SK Fitness Dubai

Get to know us

We are a locally grown brand that was created in March 2015 by our Founder and Co Owner Coach Ahmed Sabry,


Our journey started by coaching family members , close friends and neighbours in a community park and it was only one client and from there the snow ball started to get bigger and bigger, and now after more than 5 years in the market we are proud to say that we have more than 100 active clients and hundreds of followers whom we consider as our Family,

Our slogan represents the mission that we believe in which is Building healthier communities and building healthier future for the next generation,


Ahmed Sabry

Founder,Co-Owner and Head Coach

​The Journey started on my 32nd Birthday at that time i weighed 133 KG had very light activity at work being a banker and my relationship with sports was playing football with my friends once or twice a week if it happens,

My nutrition was so bad and also had a very good relationship with Shisha smoking,

And at one point i really felt that I'm gonna die in my 40's and maybe max my 50's and totally because i was not taking care of the most precious thing we own which is our health,

Long story short i committed myself to training and started watching my food and after a very hard year i was able to drop my weight to 96 KG and the rest was history,

I would say at that point i found my purpose in life which is helping other people to feel and experience what i have felt and experienced,

So started my learning journey,


2015 Crossfit Level 1

2016 Crossfit Level 2 

2017 Crossfit Kids Certification

2018 Crossfit Weightlifting Certification

2020 Working on my Crossfit Level  3


I'm Changing lives since then

And the Journey continuous...

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