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A message to our clients,

This website represents us,

Represents our Ideas and our passion,

We are here to help you, motivate you and support you,

We want you to be committed and engaged,

We want you to stay as we believe in long relationships,

Our job is to provide results but also to maintain those results,

We can't wait to have you as part of our FAMILY...


I knew I needed to change

Banker turned fitness enthusiast, I turned my own life around at 32. After weighing in at 133kg, my goal wasn’t to look like the next magazine cover model; it was to make sure I had a 50th birthday party with my friends, family and community. 


I truly believe that when you consider asking someone for help, you generally turn to those who know exactly how to do so. I’m not here to tell you that my transformation meant a crazy diet or training 7 hours a day. No; in fact, I built up a way of life from the inside, out. It started by changing my mindset, to my nutrition and my fitness. 


And in doing so, I built up more than a healthier lifestyle. I built up a passion for fitness and helping people. I built a community of like-minded members who too, only wanted to see a better version of themselves. 


I built up a reason to build others. 


This is SK Fitness Dubai

Our Services & Products

The Hardest Part is Starting


We believe that the best version of you is built from within. With 5 key offerings, we’re here to help you get one step closer to your goals


Keep reading to know more.



Our community is our family, In the fitness industry to be successful you need to build relationships and relationships are built with trust and trust is built with results and this is our lifetime goal.

We want to build a healthier community and a healthier future for the next generation,

We started this journey in 2015 and we will continue for years to come ...



Our clients motivation and success is ours,

We believe that the best marketing tool is word of mouth &  client recommendations  that's why  we always focus on results as they are the biggest motivation for us and for our clients, Its the fuel that keeps us moving...


Are you ready?

Starting something new is scary,

We all have been there and passed through the same feelings,

Thats why we are telling you now,

Yes,You are ready just give us a call or send us a message and we will guide you through in the journey of being part of a healthier community... 

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