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Coach Sabry

Founder, Co-Owner and Head Coach

Banker turned fitness enthusiast, I turned my own life around at 32. After weighing in at 133kg, my goal wasn’t to look like the next magazine cover model; it was to make sure I had a 50th birthday party with my friends, family and community. 


I truly believe that when you consider asking someone for help, you generally turn to those who know exactly how to do so. I’m not here to tell you that my transformation meant a crazy diet or training 7 hours a day. No; in fact, I built up a way of life from the inside, out. It started by changing my mindset, to my nutrition and my fitness. 


And in doing so, I built up more than a healthier lifestyle. I built up a passion for fitness and helping people. I built a community of like-minded members who too, only wanted to see a better version of themselves. I built up a reason to build others. 

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

  • Kids Trainer

  • Anatomy Certificate

  • Judges Course 2015 Certificate

  • Judges Course 2017 Certificate

  • Judges Course 2018 Certificate

  • Judges Course 2019 Certificate

  • Judges Course 2021 Certificate

  • Judges Course 2022 Certificate

  • Judges Course 2023 Certificate

  • Programming Certificate

  • Scaling Certificate

  • Weightlifting Certificate

Coach Sabry
Coach Abdo

Coach Abdo

Crossfit Coach

Outside of the gym, I'm an engineer with over a decade of experience in the technology industry as well as a husband and father to a two-year-old daughter.


Balancing my career with my personal life, I enjoy scuba diving and constantly striving for progress in my CrossFit journey. Helping others on their fitness journey is a passion of mine, and I'm dedicated to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • CrossFit level 1 trainer since May 2022

  • Elfit 2023 Qualified

  • Hyrox Dubai 2023 3rd age group

Coach Hannah

Kids Crossfit Coach

My day job is in sales, but my passion lies in fitness, especially Functional Fitness. I have worked with Sabry for the past 5 years, coaching both adults and kids, and I run the Kids Crossfit programme at SK Fitness.

I love seeing progress in myself and others, and I'm constantly amazed at what the body can achieve at any age and from any starting point. 

When working with kids, I love going back to basics with them, giving them a strong foundation of functional movements while improving their health -  which is so important in this era of technology. 

I'm originally from the UK, but I have also lived in South Korea and have now been in Dubai for 6 years (I'm also finally trying to learn Arabic!). 


  • CrossFit level 1 trainer since June 2023

Coach Hannah
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